Cold Laser Therapy

Is laser therapy new?

The beneficial effects of laser light on tissue were first recognized almost forty years ago. Since then, there have been thousands of studies documenting the positive effects laser light has on different types of cells, tissue, and disorders.  Recent advances in technology and manufacturing have made it possible to have this exciting modality available and affordable for clinicians.

How long does the treatment take?

Treatment protocols are unique to each patient and condition. Therefore, treatments will vary in time, complexity and cost. For some chronic patients, multiple joints will be treated during one laser treatment session. When appropriate, laser therapy can be used as a complementary adjunct to other treatment plans.

What can be treated with laser therapy?

If your pet is feeling pain, has inflammation, or a wound, the laser is a sterile, pain-free, surgery-free, drug-free treatment.  The laser is used to treat a variety of injuries, wounds, fractures, neurological conditions, numerous dermatological problems, and pain. Whether your pet is rehabilitating from trauma or injury, healing from wounds, or simply aging, the laser has been shown to provide relief and speed healing.

What’s involved with treating my pet?

The laser light is delivered through a non-invasive handpiece to treat the affected area. Your pet will feel a gentle and soothing warmth. As the laser is administered, many pets will relax, much like you would experiencing a good massage. The almost immediate relief of pain will allow your pet to be comfortable and any anxiety that your pet initially experienced will dissipate.

How does it work?

The Companion therapy laser system sends photons, or packets of light energy, deep into tissue without damaging it. These photons are absorbed within the mitochondria of the cells and induce a chemical change called “photo-bio-modulation”.   This light energy then inspires production of ATP in the cell.  ATP is the fuel, or energy, cells need for repair and rejuvenation.  Impaired or injured cells do not make this fuel at an optimal rate.  Increased ATP production leads to healthier cells, healthier tissue, and healthier animals.

Are there any side effects?

There are no known side effects with this treatment.

What can I expect at home?

You might see a change in activity when your pet comes home. For some it might be increased activity and others may be more relaxed. This is due to the pain relief and reduction in inflammation.

How should I support this treatment at home?

There are no specific things you need to do at home, other than follow normal restrictions, dietary needs, and additional treatment protocols as you pet’s condition dictates and is outlined by your veterinarian.

What to expect during a Companion Laser Therapy treatment session for your companion?

Simply put, it provides relief. The fur does not need to be clipped. Eye protection will be worn by the laser operator and anyone in a close proximity to the laser probe.  The eyes of the animal will be directed away from the treatment area or covered with a towel or eye wear.  The clinician will move the probe over the area of treatment to assure the laser is being delivered to the area which needs improvement.

What will my pet feel?

As the laser is administered, often pets will relax and enjoy, much like you would experiencing a good massage. The almost immediate relief of pain will allow your pet to be comfortable and any anxiety that your pet initially experienced will dissipate. Occasionally, angry cats will start to purr and dogs will fall asleep during their therapy session.

Is there anything my pet should or shouldn’t do, or take, while on the treatment?

Just follow normal treatment protocols as outlined. You do not need to be overly cautious nor should  you overdo any activities. Just business as usual.

When can I expect to see an improvement? What might I see?

You may see relief in the first treatment or so as pain and inflammation are reduced. For example: better mobility for joint conditions, drying and healing of dermatological issues, faster healing for wounds and incisions, or your pet just seeming more relaxed and comfortable . For some conditions, a series of treatments may be necessary before you see results due to the severity or complexity of the condition.  Each pet is different, and treatments are unique for your pet’s specific needs.

June Is National Pet Adoption Month

National Pet Adoption MonthJune is National Pet Adoption Month! If you’re looking to add a new four-footed member to your family, head to your local shelter or ask your vet about adopting. Every year thousands of cats and dogs are dumped in shelters by irresponsible, careless owners, or picked up as strays. While many will find loving homes, many more will wind up being euthanized. This is why it’s so important to adopt from shelters and rescues rather than breeders.

 Do some research, before you head to a shelter; some breeds of dogs and cats may be better suited to your individual situation than others, and it’s good to know that ahead of time. You’ll also want to take the time to make sure everyone in the household is ready for pet ownership. It’s a tremendous responsibility and should not be taken on lightly.

Make sure you are prepared for everything from what licensing requirements your town has, to finding the number for an animal urgent care. Ask your vet to recommend a good class for people preparing to be pet owners if you haven’t owned one before.

If you’re planning to adopt a pet as a gift for someone, please reconsider. Pets should never be given as gifts. If you want proof, visit a shelter just after Easter and see how many bunnies have been dumped there!

When you do go to adopt, be prepared to fill out some paperwork and give references (usually your vet and a close friend or two) and if you rent, your landlord’s contact info. Spend some time with the animal you’re interested in and if you already have a pet, it can be a good idea to bring them along to see how they get along with the potential new family member.

Pets are wonderful. They bring us joy and comfort and can actually make us healthier. In return, they depend on us to give them love and care. If you are not prepared to make a 10- to 20-year commitment, you are not ready for pet ownership.

Choose the Best in Pet Boarding!

When you travel for business or pleasure, knowing your pet is safe and in good hands can help you make the most of your time away from home. It’s important to be sure your dog or cat is under the supervision of caring staff members who are experienced in animal care. The right pet boarding facility will ensure your pet’s safety, comfort, well-being and happiness while putting you and other family members at ease. pet boarding

At Ponte Vedra Animal Hospital, our staff is focused on providing a home away from home for your pet. Your four-legged family member will enjoy four supervised exercise sessions per day in our spacious outdoor area. Rest assured your pup will have a great time at our facility while you enjoy your trip. As a bonus, staying active under the watchful eyes of our caring staff will alleviate much of the stress your pet may experience while apart from the rest of the “pack.”

Whether you’re traveling for work or fun, ensure your pet is well cared for in a safe, secure environment. Ponte Vedra Animal Hospital offers pet boarding in addition to a number of medical services, so you can experience a worry-free trip knowing your pet is experiencing the best possible care!

Animals Available for Adoption

Onyx needs a home…

Onyx is around three years old.  She is playful and healthy and loves to be held.  Through no fault of her own she is homeless:(   Do you have room in your heart and home for this little girl…?



Pet AdoptionsHeartwarming Rescue Story

This little guy was found as a stray two weeks ago. He was crawling on his belly –
emaciated and covered in ticks. His two front legs were swollen and appeared malformed, but he was still trying to walk. We X-rayed his legs and were horrified to find that both his front legs were broken!

We are very happy to report that thanks to the generosity of Dr. Brad Mackenzie and his team at Affiliated Veterinary Specialists that this little guy had the surgery he needed to walk again. Here he is in his casts – all decked out and ready for Christmas!

Pet Adoptions

Thank you to everyone involved. We extend a big thank you to Veterinary Orthopedic Implants for donating the plates and screws needed for surgery.

Update: This little guy found his forever home and continues to make great progress!!!

Willow Needs a Home

Update: Willow found herself a great home with a loving family!

Pet Adoptions

Adopt a Kitten

Check back with us…kitten season is coming and we will have kittens for adoption!!

 Pet Adoptions Pet AdoptionsPet Adoptions

I Need a Home

This is Sheba. She is about 2 years old and very sweet. She was brought to Ponte Vedra Animal Hospital with her litter of kittens.

We are happy to report that Sheba is doing GREAT in her new home…

Pet Adoptions

Adoption Alert: Muffin

Breaking news! Muffin has found a forever home and loves his window seat! Tears of joy.

Pet Adoptions

Contact us today to adopt the perfect cat or dog for your family. We provide compassionate care for pets and exceptional customer service for humans in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.